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Health + Beauty

IV Therapies | Supervised Weight Loss | Jet Peel Needleless PRP Facial + Hair Rejuvenation | Hormone Balancing | Pain Therapy | Laser Therapy

Therapies & Services

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Testing & Diagnostics

LifeLabs Patient Assessment Panels, Rocky Mtn Analytical Comprehensive Hormone Insight test and many more.

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At Ardour we carry professional line products and supplements. 

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What’s New

at Ardour Wellness

Laser Helmet Therapy

Transcranial Low-Level Light Laser Therapy.

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Ardour laser watches

Ardour Laser Watch

Ardour Spectra Laser Photobiomodulation Watch.

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Ardour laser watches


Now offering this skin care line at Ardour Wellness. 

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Ardour laser watches



Stem|Growth Factors & Cytokines Skin Care Line.

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About Ardour

Energy | Passion | Enthusiasm

Think of a time when life was so exciting and you had the energy to do and see and be the passionate person you are. What got in your way?

Was it pain? Changes in your body? Life stresses? A health scare? Financial turmoil? Hormone imbalance?

Are you ready to take a look at your health and work with a kindred spirit who can be your witness, guide, coach, and cheerleader?

At Ardour Wellness, we provide health and beauty solutions that are carefully crafted to help you re-ignite the spark and fire within you so you are able to engage enthusiastically with others and live your best life!

As a Naturopathic physician for nearly 20 years, formerly a partner and co-founder of the Mountainview Wellness Centre, and now the founder of a new concept in healthcare, Ardour Wellness; it would be my absolute privilege to support and encourage you on this journey.

“Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same.”

-Dr. Allison Patton, BSc., MBA, ND*

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